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Remote Access Made Easy with GoldMine CRM Desktop from Mundelein, IL

GoldMine CRM system is an all-in-one solution for your sales, marketing and customer service needs.
GoldMine is also one of the only CRM systems you can actually own – which means you can save BIG!

Goldmine CRM Desktop - Mundelein, IL
The original on-premise, desktop CRM.  Flexible, yet powerful to meet your specific needs.  Track opportunities, sales processes, customer service cases, projects, and more with GoldMine CRM Desktop from Mundelein, IL!

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Web GoldMine Technical Support - Mundelein, IL
Included with GoldMine Desktop.  Provides a web interface for remote users to access your GoldMine from any remote PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

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GoldMine Cloud - Mundelein, IL

Don't want the hassle or cost of maintaining a network,  hardware and software?  GoldMine Cloud will host your GoldMine.  Bring your own licenses or use GoldMine as a subscription.

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iGoldMine Business CRM - Mundelein, IL

Another option for your remote users to access your GoldMine on your server.  In addtion to GoldMine, users can have access to other applictions - per user needs and security access.  Provides a desktop environment.

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Click Here to See the Release Notes of the NEW GoldMine v2019.1


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  • Contact management
  • Email linking
  • Web and mobile device access
  • Sales forecasting and opportunity management
  • Marketing list management and group emails
  • Integration for Constant Contact campaigns
  • Customer service management specializing in GoldMine CRM Desktop
  • Real time dashboards
  • Customize fields
  • One year of technical support and updates


All in one CRM for contact management, sales, marketing, and customer service:

  • Powerful Windows Client and Mobile access
  • Install yourself or use certified consultants for custom needs
  • Works with other products you use like MS Office and Constant Contact
  • Add-Ons to include specialized functionality
  • Free online training videos


We were pioneers in CRM and have been CRM experts for over 25 years.

  • Over 2 million licenses shipped
  • In use at small and large companies of all industry types
  • Worldwide network of affordable partners to help you set up or

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A new web interface for basic contact management and mobile access and a full windows client for power users and company features.

Access GoldMine on your network from any PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone!


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Responsive Software


Goldmine Cloud


If you don’t have a server, then GoldMine Cloud is a great choice.
Run multiple applications with one subscription (unlike the others who only have one app).

GoldMine Cloud is a virtual desktop:

Add applications such as Office 365 and QuickBooks
60GB of secure cloud storage
Email hosting services available
SQL Express for up to 10 users
Backup and retention with 7 nightly snapshots, 5 weekly
Additional options available

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Secure Login

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You want your software in-house, but you have remote users that need access to GoldMine and other applications?  iGoldMine is the answer!

  • Totally secure - requires user's network authentication.
  • Applications can be made available on a per user's needs/access rights.
  • Requires no software install on the remote user's side - just a quick install of a thin client/utility to create a shortcut.
  • Each user that logs into iGoldMine must also have a GoldMine license available to login.
  • iGoldMine license count does not have to match GoldMine licenses.
  • iGoldMine licenses are concurrent like the GoldMine licenses - if your users do not all login at the same time, as an example, you can have 5
  • iGoldMine licenses to cover 7 users.