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MasterMine CRM Reporting in Mundelein, IL, Grows Your Business

Take your existing customer resource system to the next level by adding MasterMine CRM reporting in Mundelein, IL. This powerful add-on for GoldMine delivers information on your customers, pipeline, sales histories, and activities. It’s been favored by our customers for years, and when you take advantage of it, you will see why. It can easily be incorporated into your CRM training as well.

Boost Your Business

The best way to keep tabs on the factors driving your business is through the use of our system for reporting, analysis, and data management. Our team is ready to help you set it up to deliver the significant benefits from your existing CRM.

Reporting that Gives You What You Need

MasterMine is the most robust and efficient GoldMine reporting interface on the market. It delivers many tools into your hands, including:

• Drag-&-Drop Fields To Position In Tables
• Familiar Excel Environment
• Quickly Drill-Down Through Any Summary for Full Detail
• Mailing Lists & List Views Are Simple
• Clone & Branch-Off for New Reports in Seconds
• Reports Maintain Links To GoldMine for Click-Through & GoldMine Group Building

Get to the Heart of the Data

With MasterMine CRM reporting and GoldMine CRM management, it’s even easier to scour your organization’s data to find what you need. You can access it in many ways, including:

• See Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly Reports Of Activity In GoldMine
• See Information From Many Different Angles To Make Business-Critical Decisions
• Quickly Change Any Report Parameter for Greater Analysis Flexibility
• Segment the Database With Easy-To-Create, Easy-To-Use Overviews
• Make GoldMine CRM Groups From Any Data Segment, Bypassing Complicated Filter-Creation & Use Groups To Target E-Mails, Mailings, Field Updates, Assign Accounts To GoldMine CRM Users
• Make Tables, Charts, Graphs & Lists in Seconds
• Analyze Lead Sources & Sales Funnels, Assign Leads
• Segment the Database & Send E-Mail or Letters in One Smooth Action
• Monitor Any Activity In GoldMine CRM
• Leverage Analytical Tools Built Into Excel & Make Better Use Of GoldMine's Business Logic & Built-In Features

Keep the Facts Straight

Rather than drowning in a sea of unleashed, unorganized data, using MasterMine reporting will let you bring order to the data. With it, you can find corrupted data, click through to GoldMine records, and easily fix it. You can even use GoldMine CRM Groups to mass-change large amounts of incorrect data in seconds. All of these changes are sync-aware and intuitively correct as GoldMine lets you see data from the top down, so you know you’re on target. Thanks to dozens of templates, you get dynamic and interactive reports in seconds that are launched with just one click.