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Tech.Sell has been serving our customers for more than 20 years, selling and supporting business CRM programs to help businesses manage their contacts and prospects. They can also help managers see what their sales teams are doing, what new business is coming in, and more.

The Tech.Sell Difference

Instead of focusing on the technical components of the software and systems we sell, Tech.Sell focuses on the sales, marketing, and customer service portions of the services to help highlight where different solutions provide the edge that your business needs. Our CRM consultants in Mundelein, IL, will help you choose the solution for you based on what option is actually best for your application, and not necessarily which one may be technically superior. The "best" option for your business may not be the one with the most features; it could be the one with just the options you need, or one that can grow with you over time. Our marketing consultants offer customizable solutions for any business in any industry, and not a one-size-fits-all solution with more than you need.

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Lois Hursey - Head of Our Marketing Consultants in Mundelein, IL

From the President

Hi I'm Lois Hursey, President of Tech.Sell. For over 20 years, we have helped our friends in small to mid-sized businesses become more productive through technology. We have learned that success in a small business CRM program is about applying the software to your business issues. We employ low-cost, high payback solutions with fast payback times.

Whether it's getting more from your customer base, staying on top of leads and prospects, using electronic marketing, or better measuring your sales teams' performance, we make a difference in surprisingly little time. Build an overall plan and get to work on the low hanging fruit right away.

Talk to one of our small business coaches today. We'll show you how to apply these technology tools to make a major difference in bottom line results. Coaching from our marketing consultants goes a long way! Put our years of sales and CRM experience to work on your team. The first conversation is on us. If, after that chat, you think we can make a difference, rent us for a few hours. No long-term commitments are required.

Our History

Tech.Sell was started in 1995 by the former boss of the current President and Owner, Lois Hursey. The two worked together at a paper distributor where the original owner helped get employees laptops to increase productivity and helped to develop tools using Excel, PowerPoint, and ACT customer tracking software to improve sales processes and business in general. He left the distributor and founded Tech.Sell to provide other businesses with the same tools he had built for his previous employer. Lois joined him a year later and purchased Tech.Sell in 2014.

Today, we are a GoldMine premier partner and offer their software and related programs to help our customers manage their relationships with their customers. While we do sell software, our primary focus is on supporting companies looking to improve sales productivity and processes through the use of off-the-shelf CRM software.

Lack of a technology supported follow-up system is one of the biggest hits to the bottom line of small to mid-sized businesses. Tech.Sell specializes in applying the latest, affordable, online solutions to address issues that immediately impact profitability. Tracking leads, implementing a sales process and pipeline, centralized quoting, email, and social marketing systems are the focus of our support. We develop a set of performance measurements, then review, coach, and share best practices. We base improved productivity on a variety of platforms, including:

  • GoldMine
  • MasterMine
  • IntelliClick
  • QuoteWerks
  • Nimble Social CRM


When contacting us, please remember to provide you name, email, phone number, and a brief description of your inquiry so we know how we can help you. Your email address will not be published or sold to third parties.

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